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    Hi, I'm Rachel and this is my rad family. I started making ties in 2007 when our first son was born. When I found out we were having a boy, I remember feeling bummed out over the lame clothing and accessory options for baby boys at the time. Girls had SO many cute things to wear and all boys had were...sailor suits? Not cool. So I played with patterns and made him some ties to wear to church. Soon I was making them for neighbors and friends and friends of my neighbors, you get the idea. I opened up shop 2009 and Trendy Ties became my second baby. 

    As our family and business grew we hired and expanded into wholesale markets all across the US and Canada. Since my Husband, Chad, was in graduate school, Trendy Ties was our main source of income and we hustled every chance we could to grow. Soon we were a full scale business with a dozen employees and over 300 wholesale accounts. It was awesome and very very busy. After having baby #3 we decided to make some changes so the kids could have a mom instead of a nanny. We decided to stop wholesale sales and focus on what we do best- providing our customers the highest quality products for the BEST prices!  Now we can offer faster turn around times and lower prices! We are constantly humbled by the community of customers who support our family business and want to make YOU our top priority.

    This is truly a family business. My Husband, Chad, is an expert box mover and fabric hauler, I cut and sew orders while baby Della naps and answer emails before the kids wake up, and our boys Bridger and Bowen help turn ties and package suspenders. (Chad works for dinner and the boys work for Lego $). We're also lucky enough to have another fabulous seamstress, Susan, and our local order processor and shipping extraordinaire, Brooklyn, on staff and couldn't do it without them!

    I am beyond thankful for each and every customer and sometimes catch myself thanking them out loud by name as I package orders. Each tie is made with love from my family to yours! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    Love, Rachel